Football Manager has a cult-like following among football fans worldwide, which probably doesn’t make much sense to the uninitiated.

You take the reigns of a real-life football club, and control everything except for the actual football. FM players take delight in managing day-to-day operations, transfers, training schedules and tactics.

There’s a mode in Football Manager that isn’t for the purists, but a lot of fun nonetheless: Create-A-Club. Rather than playing with a real club, you make your own – designing the history, colours, staff and player base from scratch.

One of the most popular FM streamers, DoctorBenjy FM has been crushing it on Youtube with his Create-A-Club series Thames FC.

In this series, he’s built new club Thames FC as a faux resurrection of the dissolved Thames AFC who last played in 1932.

With more than 60,000 subscribers on Youtube, Ben is known in FM circles for his extremely well produced brand of playthrough series. He doesn’t just record himself playing the game, but builds an entire story around his videos that keeps you wanting more every day.

He has recurring characters that you love and hate, such as the creatively named Ben from Ben Sports News as well as G, his perennial assistant. He has cult heroes from every series that live on in their legend, such as Pixie from Swindown Lot or Dorian Hysa from Spal.

A lot of our team here at Tribefire are big DoctorBenjy FM fans, so when we saw he was creating his own club, we knew we wanted in.

Ben had solicited a great kit designer to create some Thames FC jerseys and we knew we could take them to the next level.

We reached out to Ben and pitched the idea: what if we could help him sell real life Thames FC jerseys to his fanbase, so that they could support his digital Football Manager club in the flesh. Crazy, right?

But this is 2018, and online gaming is the new frontier of entertainment. At Tribefire, we live for moments like this – where we can help gamers take their brand to the next level.

So we took his Thames FC designs and converted them into our own merch, setting him up with his own Tribefire Store.

DoctorBenjy FM Tribe Store

Ben was curious about whether or not people would be willing to take their support of Thames FC to such heights – beyond just their fanaticism in the comments section. Deep down, we didn’t know what to expect either.

How did it go? Well, we’ll let the results speak for themselves:









It was amazing to see the passionate DoctorBenjy FM fanbase rally around his series! This proves why we think gaming fans are the best in the world. Unlike what many people think, there’s much, much more to streaming than just watching people play games.

We’re looking forward to working with other streamers to create similarly awesome experiences with their fans through Tribefire merchandise.


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