Justice Esports are newcomers to the Australian esports scene, but their talented team is already making big strides.

This was evident in their dominant performance at major Smash 4 tournament, NewCastle Siege II (NCS2).

Justice had two members in the Top 3, including winner Joe, who took down Ghost from Kanga Esports in an extremely exciting final.

We spoke to Joe about the tournament and what it feels like to win your first major tournament.

“At first I couldn’t really believe it until all my friends jumped on top of me with excitement.

“I’m really happy about it because I’ve wanted it for a really long time, so I’m glad it finally happened.”

Joe has been playing Smash competitive since 2016, where he says the learning curve was more gradual than steep.

“At first I was mediocre at best but slowly I began to improve and improve. The more I practised, went to events and interacted/learnt from the community the better I got.

“Having a great community full of friends also encouraged me to improve and get better so I have to be thankful to them. It came down to just taking the time and effort to learn the game and figuring out how to win.”

Joe was one of the first announced members of Justice Esports’ roster, and says that being part of an org has been game changing.

“Having a coach to help me set out a game plan made me more confident heading into every set.

“With Justice’s support I’m also able to attend more events than I could have before, which gives me the opportunity to improve and (hopefully) win more events like this one!”

Being able to rely on Coach MM’s guidance was instrumental in Joe’s successful run through NCS2.

“As I got into the top 8, I relied on my coach to help me with certain strategies against each possible opponent which helped greatly.

“Then after defeating Ghost in winners finals (someone who I’ve never beaten before), I was feeling pretty confident in the Grand Finals.”

But this was not Joe’s first time at NCS, and last year’s performance was nagging in the back of his head.

“Last year at the same event I was in the Winners Side of Grands but unfortunately lost two sets and ended up coming second.”

Would history repeat itself?

Up against Ghost again in the Grand Finals, Joe went down 2-0 in the first set.

A strong fight back saw him take it to game 5, and eventually on to the second set.

“I took a moment to collect myself and calm my nerves and I ended up playing a lot better in the second set and won!”

Following on from this big win, Joe is hoping to take his Smash interstate.

“I’m going to continue attending the weekly Sydney tournaments as well as the bigger monthly ones here. Hopefully as well I’ll be able to head out of state to upcoming major events in Perth and Melbourne, but I’m not yet confirmed for those events yet.

“Other than that I’m just going to continue practicing and try to reach the top of my game.”

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