The first season of the Gfinity Elite Series in Australia has come to an end with Order Melbourne serving up three hot and fresh wins as well as a deserved Club Championship.

Four trophies, no big deal

6 teams fought valiantly over 7 weeks (June 2 – July 15)

Order proved once again how Melbourne reigns supreme (no bias), by dishing out skilled plays across all three games.

Source: Gfinity AU

The Grand Finals were held on July 14 – 15 at the HOYTS esports arena in Sydney, with games broadcasted in Hoyts arenas all around Australia, and streamed on Twitch. Rocket League was even shown on One HD!

Here’s how it went down.

Counter Strike 

Order blew up the Sydney Chiefs, winning 3 – 0.

Detailed scores:

16 – Train
16 – Cache
16 – nuke

3 – Train
14 – Cache
10 – nuke


S = Subs

D = Drafted

Check out this nail biting moment from Sydney Chiefs @dizzyaus (make sure you listen to the very end):

And check out this tense Championship winning moment!

Rocket League

Order drove another win home against Avant Gaming and scored 4 – 1

Check out Express’ smooth strike


  • Express
  • Dumbo
  • Shadey
  • aoe_emp
  • Golde
  • Enigma

Street Fighter V

Order fought hard and smashed Perth Ground Zero in the finals 4 – 1

Grand Final Roster:

Check out ROF’s winning the series with his slick Birdie moves!

That’s a lot of dollarydoos. Source: gfinityAU

Fairly obviously, given the results, Order also took away the Club Championship! Well done boys, you’ve made Melbourne and I very proud.

Wanna watch more? Check out the full videos here.

Aim for the stars,