The Down Under Team Charity Marathon has officially kicked off. The week long event will host many familiar streamers from around Australia, rotated on the official Down Under Team Twitch channel.

Many streamers know someone, or have themselves suffered with mental illness. It is an important issue that needs to be talked about – and research needs to be funded. The Down Under Team are proud to support this cause and aim to raise $5,000.

Most streamers are participating in 4 hour time slots, with some more daring streamers taking on 12 hours straight – all in the name of charity!

Check out the time slots below::

The charity of choice is Beyond Blue – an organisation dedicated to helping adults with mental illness and removing the stigma surrounding it.

Joseph “ScrivoTV” Scrivens, who is managing the Charity Marathon, spoke candidly about his own struggles with mental health.

“I have a lot of friends and family affected by mental health and in the past I have had to struggle with anxiety… so I feel Twitch, which has helped me a lot with my mental health, would be a great platform to help raise money to support people in need.”

Every Day Hero are also on board, who have have helped over 5,000 charities raise money! Their new ‘Stream Raiser’ alert system will be used by the team throughout the event, with streamers providing feedback to improve the system for future events.

GalaxyCat getting a jump scare after requesting the alert be set to a scream.

With the release of World of Warcraft’s new expansion (Battle For Azeroth) most streamers will be taking advantage. Expect to see a lot of World of Warcraft being played.

Twitch has got behind the cause, giving the channel exposure for the event by rotating it on the front page. Discord have also provided a limited edition Wumpus for the streamer who raises the most during their time slot.

Streamer “Soulsii” opened up about his traumatic mental health issues as a veteran; and set his stream goal of $100 to shave his facial hair.

Of course, I will be streaming from this Saturday the 18th of August from 12PM AEST. Would love to see you there!

If you’d like to donate, click the link here!

Otherwise you can support your favourite Down Under Team streamers in their charity streams!