The team at Tribefire has big news to announce, as we take our little gaming startup to the next level.

We are building a platform that will help streamers create seriously more engaged and passionate fanbases.

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Fan engagement platform

Tribefire plugs into your Twitch stream, Discord server and Twitter account to monitor your fans’ activity. It then rewards your fans points for doing important things like retweeting, subscribing, cheering, chatting etc.

Fans earn points and level up in your Tribe, while also rising your Daily, Monthly and All Time leaderboards.

They collect Cookies (nom nom) that can be used to cash in rewards that you set. For example, maybe they can pay two Cookies to pick a song on your next stream!

PS: your fans will also be able to buy more Cookies, and you’ll earn a buck for every one they do.

One feature we love is that you can run giveaways for your fans, where they buy entries with their Cookies.

You can also sell merchandise easily through your Tribe, and your fans can get it for even cheaper if they earn more Cookies.

All of this incentivises your fans to chat more, retweet more, subscribe more (etc.) to level up, earn more Cookies and rise the leaderboard!

Meanwhile, all of this will integrate seamlessly into your Twitch workflow as an extension.

You’ll be able to access analytics and data about your community, to help you make better decisions.



We believe this will help you grow your community by incentivising your fans to engage more on all of your key social platforms (Twitter, Discord Twitch). And in doing this, you will be able to create a more meaningful and powerful relationship with your fans.

Why are we building this?

For the past few months, we have been working with awesome streamers to help them sell high quality merchandise to their fans.

Throughout this, we noticed something really interesting: it wasn’t necessarily the streamers with the biggest audiences that sold the most merch, it was the streamers with the most engaged audiences.

Some of our smallest streamers outsold our biggest.

We know that this is a frustrating issue for a lot of streamers. There are many platforms out there to help you create an awesome stream, and other platforms to help you market it – but there is nothing that focuses on helping you drive more engagement.

This is why we are building Tribefire.

So what happens to merch?

We will continue to run merch stores from, as a separate entity for now. We have a dedicated team who takes care of this side of our business.

But ultimately, we are no longer a merch company – is the new Tribefire.

What’s exciting is our plan to eventually merge merch with the new Tribefire.

Soon, your fans will goto your Tribe to buy your merch (or Tribewear) – which will integrate seemlessly into our points system. They’ll even be able to cash in their currency for merch discounts!

What’s next?

We are currently opening up our Beta group for Tribefire. If you are a streamer who is interested in creating a more engaged community, please sign up!

Tribefire will be free to use, with a Pro account eventually available (like Twitch, Streamlabs and Discord).

Over September, we will slowly be onboarding our first Beta users. Then in October – November we will be ramping this up.

Our plan is to learn and soak in all feedback from our Beta group. We want to build a platform that you genuinely love – that genuinely helps your stream. So we will spend this time listening to your feedback and improving the product.

We hope to launch out of Beta by the end of the year, and move to integrating merch and Pro accounts after that.

What should I do?

If you are a streamer, sign up for our Beta here:

If you know people who might be interested, please share it.

Tribefire is a team full of gamers, and we want to build this platform for gamers. Your support could not be more appreciated!

Lots and lots of love,

Team Tribefire