The biggest League of Legends tournament, the World Championship (aka ‘Worlds’) is happening right NOW!

Ok maybe not right this second, but it is well underway. There have been upsets, surprises and amazing plays. If you aren’t an avid League player, the games are still really interesting to watch.

As my title suggests, this article I’ll be focusing on our Aussies at Worlds!

Firstly, I want to give a shout out to the Aussie casters: Christopher “Papa Smithy” Smith, Julian “Pastrytime” Carr, Jake “Spawn” Tiberi – and from previous years Zach “Rusty” Pye and Max “Atlus” Anderson.

They have all shown how far Aussies can grow from humble beginnings to the world stage. They shine with their charm and esports knowledge (much like our team here at Tribefire).

Papa Smithy showing he knows how to have fun

If you haven’t been keeping up to date on the local scene, here’s a recap: 

In August, The OPL had finished its last split of this year, with the winners having a chance at going to Worlds.

After the split finished the “Gauntlet” round began, where the 5th through 2nd teams fight it out for their chance at versing DW and untilmately their spot at Worlds.

The Chiefs won the Gauntlet and fought the Dire Wolves at Melbourne Esports Open.

Chiefs fought tooth and nail, and the matches were SO electrifying to watch.

Dire Wolves won again, their fourth consecutive split win in a row and second year in playing at Worlds!

This was the DW roster for Worlds:

Toby “UDYSOF” Jungler (Jungle Sub)

Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander Toplane

Andy “Cupcake” van der Vyver Support

Calvin “K1ng” Truong Attack Damage Carry

Stephen “Triple” Li Middle Lane

Shern “Shernfire” Tai – Jungle (Was banned for first 2 games at world for behavioural issues on the Korean server) #Drama

Happy Little Vegemites!


  • 4 Groups of 3 team each
  • Double Round robin
  • Top 2 teams in each group advance to the play offs which is a best of 5.
  • Then the winners of the playoffs advance to group stages

Dire Wolves was in Group A along with Edward Gaming (China) and InFinity Esports (Latin America)

They needed place in the top 2 and then win the play offs to advance group stages at Worlds… (which are where the big guns are!)

Heres a recap of the action:

First Day

The Wolves exceeded expectations by beating Infinity in their first game!

They held up strong to EDG in the early and mid game before one macro error lost them a team fiight and baron, EDG snowballed to secure the win.

Second Day

The game against EDG was hard fought and a close game.

During the last team fight DW had their attention split between baron and team fight which put the nail in the coffin for EDGs win.

Infinity had a clean game with minimal errors, and Dire Wolves were not playing their best which lead to their conclusion at worlds.

Match Break Down

So… sadly the Oceanic region hasn’t made it to the group stages yet, but each year we improve and honestly… anything can happen at worlds.

Take this year for instance, the EU and NA teams are doing better than ever. With Cloud 9 and Vitality beating Gen.G (Last years Worlds Winner) and RNG (this years favourite) which would NEVER have been predicted by anyone.

For as long as Worlds exists, Aussies always have a chance to battle their way to the top!

Watch all the Worlds action here!

Who’s your favourite team to win? Let me know!

Aim for the stars,